Explaining Why Bali Is A Beautiful Island

Bali is an outstandingly beautiful island that is a combination of sandy beaches, coastlines, green vegetation, mountains and volcanic areas that are totally barren. Add to this the rice terraces that scatter across the landscape and there is truly nowhere quite like Bali. When visiting there will be many opportunities to spend time in the water and diving and surfing are considered to be world class. If that is not of interest then there are plenty of archaeological attractions to visit.

Since this is one of the most regularly visited islands, there will be plenty of chances to find out what others think and gain information regarding where to visit and where to stay. One of the best things about visiting the islands is that money is not really an issue. There are areas that will be more suitable for those with money, but many backpackers also visit and find that there are events and locations to suit their budget as well.

Rental villas are becoming more and more popular and when staying in Bali there are many to choose from. The advantage here is that you can keep your own timescale and not have to fit in with being ready for breakfast at such a time or not able to get a drink before whenever. There are 17,000 islands around Indonesia and Bali is just a few kilometres from Java. Around 4 million people live on the island that is around 90 miles wide and 40 miles long.

A combination of the beautiful landscape and the incredibly helpful and welcoming people ensure that there will be more visitors to Bali than all the other islands. The weather is variable and there can be very hot days, but also a great deal of rain.Despite the amazing residents in many areas, there are some that see holiday makers as a way of making illegal money.

Overcharging is rife in areas such as Kuta and at one time there was a lot of terrorist activity but that does seem to have changed. If you want a little more liveliness then visit the South, but it is easy to find places of tranquillity in the North. There are certain times when prices will be higher and accommodation could be scarce like during school holidays.

But the rest of the time there will be some amazing bargains to be had. Renting a villa is going to help to keep down the costs and ensure there are more funds to take part in activities. If you want to see something that represents Bali, but is put on for the tourists, then the Lion Dance, also Barong Dance, shows good fighting against evil. Bali has around 20,000 temples and often there will be a festival or celebration being held.