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April 2016

Tips to Enjoy Cruises When It’s Your First Time

Today, travelling on a cruise has become the best option to many people unlike in the early days when it was meant for the royal families only. Initially, travelling on a ship was very expensive and cruises on business were few. There are various ships on business today and the competition is relatively high. The transportation charges are low with many passengers opting for these kind of travel. The following are some good tips that will help you enjoy your cruise.

1. Prices are high during the pick season in every travel organization. Always travel when the prices are down and you will save quite good money. If your schedule travel is flexible, book your ship the last hour. One thing you should know is, the cruise line would prefer charging less money than leaving with a partially or an empty cabin. This way, you may get up to 50 percent discount.

2. Use the ship lines of transportation. If you live far from the port, use a bus from your cruise company. If by bad luck the bus breaks down on the way, the ship will still wait. Even though the charges will be a little high, it will be fun being driven to the port. It would be better going at an extra cost rather than missing your flight after wasting much time and money on booking the ship.

3. Always keep an eye on your luggage. Make sure you have all your luggage when you get off the bus. Wait until the porter has carried all your belongings. It is important to mark your baggage for easier identification, there will be many similar briefcases in the ship. While purchasing your briefcases, it is advisable to opt for unique colors which be easier to identify. Pack light to avoid carrying many bags. The light your pack, the easier to manage.

4. Have permanent tags on your luggage. The tags should contain your names and your home address. Your names should march with the names in your identification card. This will easily help you to relocate your luggage in case it lost.

5. A travel insurance is very important. Purchase a travel insurance with your cruise company to cater for your goods in case of theft. Make a list of all your belongings and if possible have their photos.

6. Make sure you have all the travelling documents in your carry-on bag. This will include documents such as passport, visa, identification card (ID), birth certificate and your home address. These are important documents and you can hardly travel without them.

7. Visit your doctor before your travel to advice you on which medicine to carry for seasickness. Pack enough medicine to last your travel. You can also avoid seasickness by taking Ginger tea in the morning and in the evening. There are also Ginger tablets available.

8. Carry sunburn lotion and sunglasses with. Sometimes, the it is extremely hot in the ship and this will be the only way to help your body from getting bruises.

9. If you are a smoker, smoke in designated areas. If you are to smoke in the room, make sure all the other members are smokers. Smoking is harmful to your health therefore, do not offend other passengers.

Things Never To Miss While You Are In Egypt

The first historical site tourists who travel to Egypt should never miss is surely the Pyramids of Giza. This is the most popular monument in the world and the most important landmark of the Egyptian history.

The whole complex dates back to more than 4,000 years ago. The Grand Pyramid of Cheops, with its huge structure and accurate measurements have been dazzling scientists and architects since its construction and up till today. Scholars simply can never figure our how the ancient Egyptians were able to build such a huge construction in the 25th century BC and with such precise dimensions.

Another historical monument tourists who spend their vacation in Egypt should never miss is the monastery of Saint Catherine. This is in addition to climbing the Mount Sinai. The monastery is in fact the most ancient operating monastery in the whole world. It’s significant location at the bottom of one of the highest mountains in Sinai, its significant architectural elements, and its historical importance make it among the monuments that should never be missed.

For those who would like a more adventurous vacation in Egypt, the White Desert, the Black Desert, and the Crystal Mountains would be their most excellent destinations in Egypt. The white desert with its bizarre looking chalk white color and its magical ambience is quite startling.

For travelers who visit Egypt and who are fond of swimming, snorkeling, and diving, exploring the wonders of the Red Sea is a crucial must! The beaches and the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahaba, Nuebia, Marsa Allam, and Hurghada offer a magnificent experience that vacationers of all ages would surly enjoy. This is in addition to exploring some of the most magnificent coral reefs, fish, and types of sea creatures that are only found in the Red Sea.

If you have a chance to visit one more Pharaonic monument during your holiday in Egypt, other than the Pyramids of Giza, it surly would be the breathtaking temple of Abu Simble. It is one of the most astonishing achievements of the Pharaohs. It’s huge structure, gigantic fa├žade, decorations, historical importance, and its relocation project after the construction of the High Dam make it a wonderful journey of history and architecture.

In Cairo, there are mainly three places travelers who tour Egypt should never ever miss. The first one is the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. This huge museum is among the largest in the whole world and it hosts the biggest collections of Pharaonic antiquities. The highlights of the museum is surly the golden treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun, the displays of King Akhenaten, and the mummies hall.

The Saladin Citadel is an important visit for travelers who tour Egypt in Cairo. This fortified construction is among the finest medieval forests in the whole regions that still preserve its elements, walls, and charm. Moreover, the citadel today hosts a number of quite remarkable monuments especially the amazing Mosque of Mohamed Ali.

For those who are into shopping, a visit to the Khan El Khalili touristic market is never to be missed. Established by the Mamluks in the 14th century, the market is one of the largest touristic markets in the world. Guests enjoying their vacations in Egypt would buy leather, silver, gold, brass, marble, wooden items, copper, oriental perfumes, belly dancing outfits, Pharaonic statues replicas, herbs, and much more. Khan El Khalili is a dream coming true for any traveler visiting Egypt who enjoys shopping and purchasing souvenirs from the land of the Nile.

The Beaches of Dubai

The beaches of Dubai are quite similar to these of famous European countries like France, Spain, and Italy as it represents a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and it enables travelers who spend their vacations in Dubai to enjoy their holidays to the max.

An amazing feature of almost all the beaches of Dubai is that they usually include sections for families and children and other sections for youth and youngsters in order to enable everybody to have a pleasant vacation. The beaches also offer the guests who tour Dubai with all sorts of entertainment including all kinds of water sports like water skiing, water surfing, jet skies, motorboats, and much more.

Today we will be exploring some of the most wonderful beaches that travelers enjoy during their trips to Dubai.

The Cove Beach

The Cove Beach is among the most amazing beaches explored by many travelers who tour Dubai. The beach was in fact established to serve the guests of Jumeirah overlooking the Arab Gulf and the famous Burj Al Arab building.

The sandy beach, the warm sun, the crystal clear water of the Arabian Gulf, and the amazing modern places where travelers who tour Dubai can relax make the Cove Beach the most magnificent place to go swimming in Dubai.

The Cove Beach also the perfect place to watch the sunset over the sea. The beach hosts some cafes and restaurants that offer the best refreshments, sandwiches, and various dishes from around the world.

The Dubai Marine Beach

Another spectacular beach is the Dubai Marine Beach. Among the most fantastic feature of this beach is that it hosts swimming sections specified for kids where they can enjoy their time in a safe protected environment. This luxurious beach is recommended for all the families who spend their vacation in Dubai. This relatively small beach offers the guests with amazing swimming experiences and superb views of the sea.

The One and Only Royal Mirage

This beach extending for more than one and a half kilometer offers the best experiences in water sports for the travelers who tour Dubai. Guests can enjoy skiing, riding fast motorboats, and many other facilities. This is of course in addition to swimming and chilling out on the beach. This is one of the oldest resorts in Dubai and it continued reserving its magic and style throughout time.

The Beach of Jumeirah

The beach of the city of Jumeirah is considered to be among the best in the world. The natural characteristics of the beach made it a wonderful destination for vacationers who spend their holidays in Dubai especially the wealthy and a large number of celebrities. There are two deluxe hotels in Jumeirah, Al Qaser and Mina El Salam with their beaches extending for more than 2 kilometers.

Club Mina Beach

The beach offers all sorts of services, facilities, and all types of entertainment. This is in addition to the fact that the beach never hosts parties and this would make the guests enjoy some soothing time with the family or friends or go for a boat journey.

How to Book Cheap Hotels Near Airports

Hotels are the most expensive part of most trips – arguably. You don’t have to book a 5 or even 4-star hotel to hear you poor bank account at least whine some. Just a couple of days spent in a reasonable property will be enough to alter your account balance by -500 Pounds. Depending on the nature of your trip, this might not be the best use for your money, especially if Warren Buffet is not your uncle. You might want to spare more cash for more memorable activities like sightseeing, souvenir shopping, and great meals.

There is a few tips and tricks you can follow to make sure you book cheap hotels near airports.

Make Use of a Search Engine

First of all, what’s a search engine? One thing, it’s not remotely as grandiose as it sounds. It simply means a search engine that takes your input and uses third party search engines to dig up results. So, if you search for a booking with your desired attributes, like price, location, star grade, etc., it will piggyback on another search engine, say the mighty Google, to gather information specific to your query.

It’s possible to ask, “why not just go to different hotel websites or some discount site to get what you’re looking for? Well, that’s what you’ll be doing with a search engine actually, except you will have results from website A, B, C, D, and any other necessary sites as one. This will reveal the cheapest rooms that you can book easily.

Contact the Hotel Directly

Getting cheap bookings for hotels near airports might simply involve calling the one you’re considering. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out. It’s obvious, but it can work wonders in two ways.

Firstly, not all airport hotel deals are advertised online. It may be done through one medium or another but sometimes, it is not done using all means you might expect. But one thing you can count on is the stuff being privy, to what’s cheap and what’s not at all times. Calling them directly is definitely a great way of getting to the info.

Secondly, hotel stuff will give you insider information as to why airport hotel prices are high. It might be due to some conference, convention, or even a concert by a big time musical entity. With this info, you can then focus your scouting on areas a good distance from the high-demand parts.

Look for Cancellable Rates

This trick involves playing unfaithful with multiple bookings of different hotels near airports. In a nutshell, you find cancellable rates, then monitor them until the last moments to end up with the cheapest.

The essence of the trick is that room rates go through considerable and relatively rapid fluctuation. What’s low now may soon be high as quickly as within a couple of minutes. As the uncheatable law of supply and demand would have it, the more people are booking, the higher the prices. It is important to make sure that the rates are actually cancellable.